Free Gun Bill of Sale Form

A gun bill of sale form is a specific document used when buying or selling a gun or other firearm. Whether you agree or not, there is a responsibility upon the seller of a firearm to obtain proper information from the seller. Also, it makes good sense for most buyers to protect themselves when selling a firearm as there are state and federal laws that go beyond the scope of a standard gun bill of sale form. Unlike other bill of sale forms, the gun bill of sale form may have state and county mandatory requirements because of the serious nature of firearms.

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Along with federal requirements, some states and counties will require the following specific information be included on the bill of sale form when buying and selling a gun or firearm.

  • Make and model of gun or firearm
  • Serial number of gun or firearm
  • Caliber of gun or firearm
  • Permit number if applicable
  • Driver’s license number of buyer & seller

If a dealer is involved, the following information will likely be needed:

  • The dealer’s name
  • The dealer’s address
  • The dealer’s state permit number

Other reasons to have a properly filled out gun bill of sale form:

During times of national tragedy like hurricane Katrina, more than 1,000 firearms were apprehended that were not involved in a criminal inquiry. Police held only guns and firearms that had been stolen or left in abandoned houses. Firearms were offered back to owners that could show a valid gun bill of sale form with the serial number from the firearm.

One more good reason to have a legal gun bill of sale form. A gun bill of sale form is in some ways far more important than other bill of sale forms. Clearly, great tragedy can be attributed to firearms.

Common sense suggests that using and filling out a valid gun bill of sale form is an excellent way to not only protect you, but to comply with local, state, and federal requirements.

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You have two format choices for your Bill of Sale Forms:

1. Download The Free Version in a PDF Format - With the PDF version you will have to print out and fill out your information by hand as this format cannot be edited on your computer.

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